Factors That Helped Swash Convergence to Get Listed in 50 Best Companies to Work for 2018


Employees are the key assets of any organization. Be it a startup or well-established enterprises, product-based or service-based, no organization can achieve success without hiring skilled people. The increasing demand for the skilled people has made it more difficult for business consulting firms to hire skilled people. Even though experienced people joined the organization, they don’t hesitate to leave the organization if they are dissatisfied with the organization.

However, Swash Convergence holds many skilled employees from its incorporation in 2001, who love to work with the company forever. Here we have listed a few factors that helped Swash Convergence to achieve a place in Silicon Review’s 50 Best Companies to work for 2018 list.

  • ·        Salary is the first concern of any employee. But, alongside expecting salary, employees also expect some sort of appreciation when they did something big for the development of the company. Swash Convergence conducts annual reviews to find out the best employees of the year and appreciate them with increments and bonuses.

  • ·        Employees understand the company’s vision and mission, and always strives to develop the company. Swash Convergence makes its employees feel comfortable with collaborative work. It organizes implementing mentorship programs, cross-functional projects and team building activities to create strong relationships among the employees.

  • ·       There might be a few things in the company, the employee doesn’t like. Business consulting firms have to give employees an opportunity to express their views on the organization’s working culture, hierarchy, staff, policies, and others. If you don’t let them express their struggles in the company, they don’t hesitate to leave the company.

Swash Convergence’s CEO – Dr. Pritam Pal interacts with employees regularly to know their specific needs and requirements and create a positive work environment. This is the reason why many people are eagerly waiting for an opportunity to work for Swash Convergence.

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How Campus Management Software Aims to Improve Tech Adoption Among Institutions?


Trends are not only the realm of industries but also the technology that carries them to masses. In the last few years, campus management software is emerging as the forerunner in automating various processes in the field of education. Whether it is computer-based tests, dashboards or admission portals, automation is the core word which is doing the round in today’s realm of the education sector. In other words, technology and education are now inextricably linked. However, the true success of automation in education can only be possible only when it reaches out to the entire population of India.

The things to expect from technology in the domain of campus solutions software

It is important to note in this context that automating operations is not where the buck stops. In the coming years, one can expect technology which works towards the increased accessibility of a diverse number of students. A more personalized curriculum and an upsurge in the use of modern technologies are also the things to expect from course management software. However, things are easier said than done, and in India, it is quite challenging to implement an effective campus management software.  

The emerging trends in school management software nowadays

On-the-go accessibility, as well as efficient management of vast quantities of data, would be the core trends of the cloud education software. Here is the list of trends that are emerging nowadays in the automation of campus management.

Student Behavior tracking and its related analysis

Schools are seen as a place where no one receives homework but it is the place where students can change their lives for good. This is the reason that student data plays a crucial role in making sure that their success can be implemented in an easy manner. It is not enough to rely on tests and exams, data analysis of a student is of utmost importance. 

Database management and cloud support

In earlier times, storing data was a cumbersome and expensive affair. However, this notion has completely changed nowadays. It is so because a plethora of software solutions on campus have their own dedicated cloud storage slots. Moreover, Swash also has its own campus management solution which has a dedicated cloud storage to store a large amount of data. It also incorporates database management features in its overall ecosystem which makes it a viable choice among the major educational institutions.

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Here are Why the Benefits of Retail Management Software Creating Ripples in the Retail Sector


Before you comprehend the advantages of adapting Retail Management Software, you have first to know the intricacies involved in it.  Businesses have evolved dramatically over the years as far as managing several operations are concerned. From the management of inventory to barcode reading, every aspect has been computerized which has helped the businesses to slash down on costs. It is also interesting to note that business growth is good news, but the problems associated with it always pose a significant challenge. This is where an integrated Retail Management system can come to your rescue. It is designed in such a manner that it would handle all the aspects of your business.
The wide-scale practicality of Store Operation Software
Your initial thoughts on this might be disbelief in the fact that such a software exists. However, with Swash, you would soon realize that all the processes related to inventory management, CRM, accounting, a point of sale, etc. can be managed effectively. It is worthwhile to note that Swash takes advantage of application integration that is based on a particular platform. Swash takes a platform approach to ensure that all applications work cohesively and data is shared between them.
The platform’s API which Swash utilizes
It is important here to note that in case your retail needs demand an application which is not available, the capable team of developers from Swash can access the API of the platform. This would ensure that there is integration with your business' applications and other systems. In case your needs change with the course of time and competition, Swash would always make sure that the platform is correctly optimized, so there are no future issues. In other words, you would gain real-time visibility into various facets of your business.
Specific benefits of the retail software solutions
There are various benefits of this type of software which you need to know. Here is the list of them.
·         Complete elimination of integration and IT maintenance costs
·         Better communication among various departments with synchronized operations
·         Avoiding the possibilities of new hires for data management roles
·        Lays greater emphasis on productivity as conflicting responsibilities can be effectively eliminated
·         Facilitates more natural training for the new employees or their changing roles in the organization
·         Higher accuracy in data analysis with the ability to compare data

By looking at the pointers as mentioned earlier, it is quite evident that a retail management system would fetch you great dividends with increased attention on productivity.  

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Why is it essential to emphasize on online reputation management services?


Online Reputation Management also abbreviated as ORM is known as a strategy and process of monitoring the digital reputation in the online world. It is also a strategy which can go a long way toward increasing your credibility in the online world. It is also an interesting aspect to note that an effective online reputation management services would always fetch you with rich dividends in the form of increasing brand awareness among your target audiences. As a majority of your target audiences trade in the online arena, it is essential for your company to maintain a positive online reputation. In case your status is negative online, then you stand a risk of losing out on potential target audiences.

The top reasons for incorporating online reputation management into your business

Apart from social media and digital marketing campaigns, you should always be on the lookout for viable online reputation management strategies. These strategies would always be beneficial in making sure that your business stays at the zenith of success. Here is the list of reasons which underlines the importance of online reputation management in your store.
Increase in Sales
It is highly probable that your customers would be searching for your products and services in the online world before they implement their final buying decision. However, if you emphasize the reputation management of your company, you can drastically improve your sales. This is where Swash Convergence Technologies can come to your aid. With a skilled team of experts, Swash would always ensure that your reputation management stays top notch.

Build your trust and credibility with ease

The reputation management services of Swash would always make sure that your company can build trust and credibility. It is worth noting that the internet is such a platform which makes everyone a citizen journalist. Moreover, harmful content about your company can severely damage its reputation in the online world. If your company suffers a loss of confidence among your potential target audiences, then there are chances that you would never be able to recuperate from this loss. This is the reason that you should always consult ORM service providers like Swash. 

Gain more online insights with ORM

It is a widely accepted fact that speculation and rumors have destroyed great names in the past. To counter these negative reviews and gossips, you should always emphasize reputation management services. This would also ensure that you do not lose out on your potential target audiences which would further translate to your success.

By looking at the factors as mentioned earlier, it is quite clear that a business operating in today's realm of the online world must take into account ORM. Swash has various methods to make sure that your online store is free of glitches and always garners positive reviews.

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Here is Why Your Organization Needs Business Application Development to Garner Success


It is a commonly observed fact that a plethora of businesses around the world are opting for specialized business applications. It is so because with customer engagement the crux word in every business strategy, a viable business application dramatically aids in making sure that the message can be sent to their respective target audiences. It is also an intriguing fact to note that when organizations have their customized business applications, then it projects more practicality to the organizations. Be it a corner coffee shop or a beauty spa shop, businesses from every domain are concentrating on business application development.

With business applications, you would be visible to customers at all times

A large number of your customers spend a lot of time online. In case you want to get more attention, you have to concentrate on the development of a viable business application. If you have a business application, then you can increasingly emphasize the spread of the business message. In this manner, you would get more target audiences than ever. Swash with its skilled team of experts would help your organization develop a business app on major mobile and web platforms.

The business application would provide better value to your customers

With business applications, your organization has the scope to digitize the loyalty program. This, in turn, would help your business to meet the desired targets in a short span of time. The business applications built over the web and the mobile platform would always be beneficial in making sure that your customers can receive the message generated by you. A well-designed business application also helps your customers to stay informed about your products and organization as a whole.

They would also help you in building brand recognition

The business apps are also known as productivity management tools as they usually help an organization to develop their image. It is a widely accepted fact that a business application is also known as blank billboard sign. You can always customize it to suit the preferences of your customers. Interestingly, the more you would involve your customers, the higher they would incline to buy a particular product. With the help of these business applications, you would instill curiosity in your audience's minds which would augur well for your overall business.

If you too are on the lookout for developing good business applications, then you can rely on Swash. Swash with its skilled team of experts and advanced technology would always be there to eliminate any hindrances in your marketing efforts.

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