Here is Why Your Organization Needs Business Application Development to Garner Success


It is a commonly observed fact that a plethora of businesses around the world are opting for specialized business applications. It is so because with customer engagement the crux word in every business strategy, a viable business application dramatically aids in making sure that the message can be sent to their respective target audiences. It is also an intriguing fact to note that when organizations have their customized business applications, then it projects more practicality to the organizations. Be it a corner coffee shop or a beauty spa shop, businesses from every domain are concentrating on business application development.

With business applications, you would be visible to customers at all times

A large number of your customers spend a lot of time online. In case you want to get more attention, you have to concentrate on the development of a viable business application. If you have a business application, then you can increasingly emphasize the spread of the business message. In this manner, you would get more target audiences than ever. Swash with its skilled team of experts would help your organization develop a business app on major mobile and web platforms.

The business application would provide better value to your customers

With business applications, your organization has the scope to digitize the loyalty program. This, in turn, would help your business to meet the desired targets in a short span of time. The business applications built over the web and the mobile platform would always be beneficial in making sure that your customers can receive the message generated by you. A well-designed business application also helps your customers to stay informed about your products and organization as a whole.

They would also help you in building brand recognition

The business apps are also known as productivity management tools as they usually help an organization to develop their image. It is a widely accepted fact that a business application is also known as blank billboard sign. You can always customize it to suit the preferences of your customers. Interestingly, the more you would involve your customers, the higher they would incline to buy a particular product. With the help of these business applications, you would instill curiosity in your audience's minds which would augur well for your overall business.

If you too are on the lookout for developing good business applications, then you can rely on Swash. Swash with its skilled team of experts and advanced technology would always be there to eliminate any hindrances in your marketing efforts.

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What does the Future Hold for Hybrid Cloud Business Consulting?


In today's era of technological innovation, a lot of companies have accepted cloud as the way forward. Interestingly, those organizations which already have a public or private cloud have started to understand the importance of having the best of worlds. Phenomenally, there are pricing models like pay-as-you-go which usually makes sure that they exude practicality to the organizations. There are predictions that almost 50% of the larger organizations would embrace the hybrid cloud models by 2018. As the hybrid cloud computing model provides a significant amount of speed and easy accessibility, it is slowly becoming popular among the likes of a majority of organizations. This is where Swash's cloud business consulting can play a significant role. With advanced features loaded into its hybrid cloud, Swash is providing organizations with growth and opportunities.

The principal advantages of opting for a hybrid cloud model

One of the key benefits of a hybrid cloud model lies in the fact that it can dish out the high speed at lower costs. In this context, it is important to mention that without proper management on the provisioning and de-provisioning cycles, the element of value can rise significantly. However, with the help of a correctly configured hybrid solution, a change can be brought in the conversation between business and IT. This goes a long way in shortening the timeframes and also expands possibilities.

The influence of IoT and Big Data  

It is a commonly observed fact that collection of data and management of data usually takes place in various levels in an organization. Interestingly, big data along with IoT can also pose significant challenges for the IT department of an organization. This is where Swash with its hybrid cloud model can come to the fore. The cloud business application services of Swash would also play a significant role in making sure that the hybrid cloud can fulfill the demand for continuous access to data. This would be always beneficial to the growth of the business.

The pace at which enterprises are moving to a hybrid cloud platform

Interestingly, the enterprises are slowly recognizing the usefulness of a hybrid cloud computing model. In the operation of a hybrid cloud model, application and the data structures need to be revisited and tweaked from time to time. This is where Swash can be your ideal hybrid cloud provider. Swash with its skilled team of experts would always provide its clients with the required operational support as well as management.

Hence, it is evident that hybrid clouds are also known as a stepping stone in the transition of IT from a technology provider to a solution provider. With Swash, let this transition process of your organization to hybrid cloud be smooth and trouble-free. 

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What are the Top Trends Affecting Enterprise Mobile Application Development?


The management of mobile applications and devices is a daunting task which every organization faces these days. In this context, it is important to note that one technology which has evolved to ease out creases related to mobile security and control is in the form of Enterprise Mobility Management abbreviated as EMM. Interestingly, EMM has also given rise to Bring Your Device or BYOD. The market size of BYOD is on an increasing spree and has seen massive growth in its productivity. Here is the list of trends that are affecting mobile application development in recent times.

Enterprise mobility and Artificial Intelligence

It is a commonly observed fact that the concept of AI or Artificial Intelligence is growing at a lightning pace. In other words, AI and machine learning are forming the crux of all technologies. Many companies fail to understand the importance of AI and machine learning. However, this is not the case with Swash Convergence Technologies. It actively leverages the utility of these game-changing technologies to design futuristic mobile applications.

Location-based development of an enterprise's applications

There is a constant increase in the event of mobile commerce applications which would reduce dependency on computers. The coming years would see the development of mobile enterprise applications from the location. Location-based mobile applications of an enterprise would holistically increase the app's phenomenality among its users.

The trend of migrating to the cloud

With the increased popularity of cloud services all around the world, enterprise solutions are also being relocated to the cloud. However, there is no point in denying the fact that the security issues involved in the migration process to the cloud remain a problem. This is the reason that a lot of enterprises are opting for hybrid structures. However, with Swash’s Mobile Apps Designing Services emphasize holistic cloud security to make the cloud a better place for business application development. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to have a significant say in app development

IoT continues to be a vital driving force behind mobile app development. It is so because IoT can derive data from the daily surfing habits of a user. This helps in continuously mapping the data usage patterns. IoT along with enterprise mobility would for sure take the growth of a particular organization to new heights of success.

Swash Convergence Technologies with its technical acumen in mobile application development is fast becoming a trendsetter in the field of developing mobile enterprise solutions. It employs a plethora of technological applications to create futuristic mobile applications.  

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How Can Swash Convergence with its Set of ERP Solutions Add Growth to a Business?


It is a commonly observed fact that every business has its own set of processes and services which usually makes it unique. However, a majority of companies face generally similar operational problems when they grow. This is where Swash can come to your aid with its unique set of ERP Solutions. Whether it is healthcare software solutions or retail management system, Swash has it all to empower your organization stays updated. When it comes to business operations, then change is inevitable. In order to cope with these changes, ERPs are fast becoming a reliable solution. In challenging times, an effective ERP solution would always assist in optimizing business operations to boost growth and improve efficiency.

The advantages that Swash would inculcate in your business

Swash with its innovative set of ERP products would always help your organization with better information management. In case you want effective hospital management software for your hospital, then Swash would automate various functions in your hospital. Interestingly, the ERPs of Swash would always help your employees to access shared data by eliminating the need for manual data. The healthcare software of Swash would still support your organization to generate synchronized reports to take timely decisions. 

Streamlining various processes in an organization

One of the primary focus areas of the products of Swash is to integrate multiple functions of your business into a unified problem. In case you own a retail store, then Swash has its own set of the retail management which would help your functions to stay updated. It also comprises of advanced features like inventory control, supply chain management and much more which always exudes practicality to the modern organizations.

Elimination of redundant data

One of the principal problems with a non-centralized data management system is the surge in quantities of redundant data. Redundant data creates confusion which ultimately leads to data inconsistency. However, with the intelligent retail management software, Swash would always help your organization’s database to be centralized.

Better transparency throughout the organization

Another proficient factor that sets Swash apart from others is that it inculcates better openness. It is a widely accepted fact that data and information are quite vital to a business. With intelligent ERP solutions provided by Swash, the data in your organization can be maintained fruitfully. The healthcare software solutions offered by Swash would always help strategic information to be supported in one place by one or more authorized people. 

From the factors as mentioned above, it is quite clear that Swash with its set of ERP products is all set to provide companies the much needed competitive element to thrive in today's world of business.

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Technocrat Swash Convergence Partnered with India’s Best GSP, Excellon Software


Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd. has entered into a strategic partnership with the India’s best GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) – Excellon Software Pvt. Ltd. to ensure hassle-free GST migration for the clients.

Excellon Software:
The renowned software product company with established proficiency in the sales, distribution and service management domains – Excellon Software is committed to innovation and excellence. Excellon Software was incorporated back in 2000 by a handful of adept passionate technocrats determined to leave their mark on the technology solutions landscape.

Since its foundation, Excellon Software has partnered with many recognized blue-chip companies from India and the world to ensure workflows are more efficient, transparent and profitable for customers. The 18-year veteran in the field of IT software innovation has been recently shortlisted as one of India’s authorized GST Suvidha Providers (GSP) by GSTN.

GST Suvidha Provider (GSP)
The term GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) is the brain child of Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) tossed with an intent to enable the taxpayers for becoming GST compliant hassle-free. GSTN has on-boarded 31 GSPs as third party service providers who will be responsible for developing third party applications to enable taxpayers interact with GST systems via desktop, mobile and other interfaces.

About the Partnership:
Under this agreement, Excellon Software will provide Swash Convergence with its most advanced GSP solution – ‘Exact Pass’ which is built to authenticate Application Service Providers (ASPs) for using Application Program Interfaces (APIs). As an ASP, Swash Convergence can exchange data with GSTN system through the API provided by Excellon Software’s Exact Pass via secured network and address GST compliance requirements of the clients. Swash Convergence also provides rich and detailed software applications to taxpayers for interaction with GSP-GST Server with the most prestigious Tax Management Software – KENTax.

Swash Convergence – KENTax:
KENTax, the On-Cloud ERP for Tax and Accounting Management of Swash Convergence in the brand name KENCloud, enables taxpayers to migrate to the new tax regime GST. The multi GSTIN features of KENTax ensures Tax Consultants and Chartered Accountants faster and manageable GST Compliance by facilitating guided configuration for GST and easy migration of existing data. It provides GST Registration services and GST Return Filling services by integrating the API provided by the GSP.

Partnership with Excellon Software enables Swash Convergence to evolve as the trusted partner for GST compliance requirements.

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