Update Google Algorithm (FRED), Can Adversely Affect Your Website’s Ranking


The tech giant Google is known to change its algorithm regularly with an objective to promote quality information accessible by millions of users. On Thursday, March 8, 2017, Google implemented unconfirmed search algorithm that is rumored to affect the traffic, ranking and search visibility of numerous websites, which was discussed by Gary Illyes (Trend analyst Google) through his tweets.  The algorithm is jokingly referred as “FRED” by the experts from the industry. 

Impact of Fred

Surprisingly, millions of websites have suffered badly as the rankings have gone down after the FRED update.

ü  With the advent of FRED algorithm, websites with low quality profile links, poor and duplicate content has suffered badly as their rankings has gone down.
ü  The rapid fall of ranking affected badly search traffic.
ü  Heavy ads sites also affected by FRED.

Undoubtedly, it is a setback for the millions of poorly maintained websites, as the good old tricks that worked previously won’t work now. The strict measures taken by Google through the Fred algorithm have taken its toll on the website owners, especially the ones that got away with poor quality websites. Webmasters from all-around the world, experience huge drops in their website’s ranking, without having any clue about the latest Google bug that drives the change.

Possible Reasons for Fred’s Introduction


Websites from all over the world have a lot of duplicate content, because the content writers choose the easy way out and copy the content from other websites.

Poor Grammar

The substandard quality of content with poor grammar and the unstructured formation of sentences, makes it tough for the readers to understand the content.

Excessive Advertisement

Websites are tempted to add more advertisements with an aim to generate revenue, this often irritates the visitors and increases the bounce rate.

Bad Links

Bad links that redirect the customers to irrelevant websites, or wrong sources of information leading to wastage of time of the visitors. 

Unfair Use of Copyrighted Images

Web designers, copy & paste images from other websites that are copyrighted. Hence they end up stealing and violating the copyright laws that is not appreciated by Google.

 These are alarming signs - Let’s take a look at the guidelines
The Google’s Fred Guidelines
The solution lies in the problem itself. In other words, the dilemma can be dealt with by identifying the Google’s guidelines, determining the problems in accordance with the guidelines and rectifying the issue.

Coming to the million-dollar question –

What Does Fred Prefer?
The latest Google algorithm (FRED) prefers websites with the following attributes-

ü  A website that has the most unique content.
ü  A website that maintains simple, easy to understand and structured content, with the highest quality.
ü  A website that regularly updates information/ content.
ü  A website that maintains quality information by avoiding duplicate/copy pasted content.
ü  A website with negligible grammatical errors.
ü  A website that uses genuine images (Doesn’t use copyrighted images).
ü  A website with least number of bad links.
ü  A website that doesn’t spam, or promote excessive online advertisements.

Note- Google penalizes websites that don’t follow the above guidelines

What Are the Possible Solutions?
As stated before the solution lies in the problem itself. To optimize your website ranking, consider the following tips-

ü  Recreate the quality content with proper grammar and meaningful sentences.
ü  Instantly delete the duplicate or copy pasted content.

ü  Remove the copyrighted images and consult your designers to recreate unique images
ü  Remove bad links
ü  Avoid spamming through advertisements (Remove excessive ads)
ü  Regularly update content or information (Outdated information affects your ranking)

Indeed, the algorithm changes are too much to handle for the SEO industry. However, following the right process will never let you down. Remember, an algorithm change is always a constructive measure that enhances the quality of information and promotes creativity.

We are fortunate enough that our clients are not yet affected by the Google bug Fred.

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