Is Determining a Good Software Vendor Difficult?

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we hear that dreadful word, “Offshore Software Development Company” is that someone is calling from the East to tell how a bag full of peanuts at 20% of your local price is far better than little packet of cashew at such a high rate. When all the guy really wanted was a cashew a day to keep his medical bills away.
Software Development Company

This is truly common in most of the sales calls, either if they followed you to your phone or by any weak chance did you manage to call them after going through their pleasant, promising website. Common promises to build an application in a platform you DO NOT want at almost a null price rather than building it the way you wanted to. There, my dear friends, the quality and fervour goes down the drain.

Mostly, people after being molested in such a way in a crowded bus where they DID buy services out of submission to the healthy sales pitch than acceptance, promise to never even answer an overseas call in the future, let alone buy from them. That way they lose out on companies who do not compromise on work codes just for a one-time benefit. They lose out on opportunities where they could have really got what they wanted, that too at lower, affordable prices.

We, do not follow such tricks. We do not have sales people who speak like lawyers to get the business. We follow, Honesty is the Best Policy effect. And it works! If we do not have the specified technology expertise we do not mumble-jumble to get you in anyway possible.
Why don’t you try out for yourself? Give us a call and you will be done for a lifetime!

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