5 Reasons Why Mobile Applications are a Must for Your Business


Gone are the days where millions of people relied on newspapers, television or radio for information related to politics, finance, business and more. These mediums were often considered by top businesses as they communicated the features & the benefits of their products and services through paid commercials.

These mediums were extremely effective in shaping people’s perception and generating heavy sales. However, things are not the same in the modern digital era. With the advent of internet majority businesses took to the websites and provided information relating to their product, price etc. Since, the last decade, the craze for smartphones have increased by leaps & bounds, in 2015 every third smart-phone was purchased by an Indian. An average Indian spends more than 3 hours a day with his/her smartphone.
It is obvious that your target customers are shifting their attention to smartphones – Hence, without developing mobile applications, and relying on the outdated marketing techniques can turn out to be a blunder.

"Not Going with the Trend is Business Suicide" 

Here are the top 5 reasons that justify the requirement of a mobile application for your business –

1.    Extremely Cost-Effective
Communicating information through a business app does not cost you much. Smartphone users can install the business application and can access information related to product, price, company etc.- At their own convenience.

2.    Customer Engagement
Mobile applications offer the best customer engagement through a number of notifications regarding offers, updates, product launch, value added services etc. Thus, the customers are engaged real-time and an application surely makes their life easier. A mobile application is always visible to the user -  So, the chances of the information being communicated to your customer are high, and a better reach of information also ensures an increased revenue.

3.    Convenience
A mobile application will empower the customer to do things at his/her own convenience. In this busy world, making things simple does give your business a strong presence. By using the handy mobile application, a customer can purchase products or get customer support with just a few clicks.

4.    Competitive Advantage
Mobile applications are still rare; thousands of companies still don’t have them. Considering the rapid demand for smartphones, developing a mobile application for your business will ensure that you bring home the advantage, by reaching out to the maximum number of customers.

5.    Promotion
Mobile applications are one of the best medium through which you can promote your products to a mass audience with just a few clicks. Company’s generate sales by promoting coupons, offers and more through push notifications. Many online retailers have extended their services to the smartphones, as they are highly cost-effective and have a wider reach.

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