News7 Interviews the Founder & CEO of India’s Emerging IT Company


An entrepreneur is someone who is driven by passion, inspired by opportunities, and translates his/her vision into reality.  News 7 got a chance to meet one such entrepreneur, (Dr. Pritam Pal, CEO, Swash Convergence Technologies Limited), who has been leading the IT revolution in Odisha for more than a decade. Swash is one of the very few IT companies that is in the limelight for its ground-breaking research leading to highly innovative products.

Entrepreneur’s Profile
Dr. Pritam Pal had a strong inclination towards technology - His passion was evident from his class 9th days, where he made his first software by referring to books. He went on to complete an advanced level diploma in software (an A level course), and then prepared a hotel management software, including enterprise solutions for 6 business houses.  He went on to complete his B. Tech in computer science, M.S and then MBA in Cmap from Xavier’s Institute of Management. He also holds a respectable PhD degree in cloud computing. The Chief Executive Officer of Swash Convergence Technologies Limited, Dr. Pal is a Microsoft certified software developer and an IBM AS/400 IBM professional.

However, the entrepreneurial journey was not easy, Dr Pal started his career in the year 1998 as an employee in Cirrus Logic.   His innovation and excellence in the field of Cloud computing led to the development of a unique & out of the box product - KENCloud™. He went on to incorporate Swash Convergence Technologies Limited in the year 2001. The company boasts of more than 300 IT professionals with its branches in Bangalore, Mumbai, and the United States. Dr. Pritam Pal implemented his innovative ideas on cloud technology, and developed KENCloud™ -  A signature product of Swash Convergence Technologies Limited.

During his Interview, when asked about his extraordinary feat, achieved during the school days- Dr. Pal candidly expresses himself and talks about the IT revolution that inspired him to get into development. He states- “At my age where kids enjoyed music, dance, etc.- I enjoyed developing software”. Hailing from a developing state like Odisha, Dr. Pal admits that during the early nineties, there were no mentors that could teach technology, there was no Google, but the constraints didn’t stop him from pursuing his interest, as he developed software by taking reference from books.

When asked about the idea that led to the development of KENCloud™ - Dr. Pal expresses his true passion for innovation, as he clearly states that – “IT companies in India are service driven, and rarely do we find product driven IT companies in India”.  This led him to prioritize innovation and conceive an out of the box concept for developing KENCloud™. KENCloud™  is further divided into 19 key products, and these products are broadly categorized as ERP, SAAP & Departmental products.

When asked about the benefits of KENCloud™ as a product, Dr. Pal exhibits sheer enthusiasm, as he talks about simplifying the processes through innovative solutions. He explains how his product will benefit both large scale enterprises, and small departmental stores as well.

“We Can Automate the Largest Corporation of the World, but Our Target Is the Core Economy”

When asked about the target segment of KENCloud™, Dr. Pal quotes that KENCloud™ has the capability to automate Microsoft, but his target is the core economy. Where, the products would enable even a Pan shop, or a small departmental store to benefit from the software, and seamlessly grow his/her business.

“I want my clients to grow”- There is an interesting segment where Dr. Pal frankly negates the objectives of profitability and focuses on brand popularity, client growth and retention. When questioned about the challenges faced by IT companies in India, Mr. Pal unhesitantly points out a burning issue referred to as brain drain, where the top minds from India, learn the skills from the nation, leave the country and serve other developed nations.

The interview was highly informative where the CEO was seen sharing his ideas, experiences, and concepts. An inspiration for those who are driven by the desire to innovate, Dr. Pal emphasizes on his vision that syncs with the common dream of a Digital India. 

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