What are the Top Trends Affecting Enterprise Mobile Application Development?


The management of mobile applications and devices is a daunting task which every organization faces these days. In this context, it is important to note that one technology which has evolved to ease out creases related to mobile security and control is in the form of Enterprise Mobility Management abbreviated as EMM. Interestingly, EMM has also given rise to Bring Your Device or BYOD. The market size of BYOD is on an increasing spree and has seen massive growth in its productivity. Here is the list of trends that are affecting mobile application development in recent times.

Enterprise mobility and Artificial Intelligence

It is a commonly observed fact that the concept of AI or Artificial Intelligence is growing at a lightning pace. In other words, AI and machine learning are forming the crux of all technologies. Many companies fail to understand the importance of AI and machine learning. However, this is not the case with Swash Convergence Technologies. It actively leverages the utility of these game-changing technologies to design futuristic mobile applications.

Location-based development of an enterprise's applications

There is a constant increase in the event of mobile commerce applications which would reduce dependency on computers. The coming years would see the development of mobile enterprise applications from the location. Location-based mobile applications of an enterprise would holistically increase the app's phenomenality among its users.

The trend of migrating to the cloud

With the increased popularity of cloud services all around the world, enterprise solutions are also being relocated to the cloud. However, there is no point in denying the fact that the security issues involved in the migration process to the cloud remain a problem. This is the reason that a lot of enterprises are opting for hybrid structures. However, with Swash’s Mobile Apps Designing Services emphasize holistic cloud security to make the cloud a better place for business application development. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to have a significant say in app development

IoT continues to be a vital driving force behind mobile app development. It is so because IoT can derive data from the daily surfing habits of a user. This helps in continuously mapping the data usage patterns. IoT along with enterprise mobility would for sure take the growth of a particular organization to new heights of success.

Swash Convergence Technologies with its technical acumen in mobile application development is fast becoming a trendsetter in the field of developing mobile enterprise solutions. It employs a plethora of technological applications to create futuristic mobile applications.  

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